VOLUME SERVICE                                   $350+

LENGTHENING SERVICE                         $1500+


Is your hair growing in too thin, or isn't as thick, sexy and voluminous as you would like? Is your hair-cut not to your liking? Then a volume service is the solution.

Have you always wanted long, majestic, flowing hair? Then a lengthening service is the perfect match! We will add just the right amount of perfectly textured hair extensions in colors that are customized to you. You will achieve a breath-taking and natural look that people will swear is your own!


  • Hair extensions encourage hair growth - it actually protects your natural hair that is inside the protein top!! So remember, each and every time you have your extensions removed, your hair will be in better condition.
  • It is completely normal to have some extension loss throughout the life span of your hair extensions. Remember the average person experiences natural hair loss of between 100-150 hairs a day. A full head of hair extensions covers approximately a third of your head. After some time you can expect to see some hair that has in fact shed naturally, yet it is still attached to the protein tip. This is normal!
  • Brush your hair in sections. Brush row-by-row beginning at the nape. Start brushing each section at the bottom and then once the ends are silky smooth, brush from the scalp to the ends. Tie your hair in a loose ponytail while sleeping or participating in porting activities.
  • When shampooing, it is best practice to shampoo your scalp and allow the shampoo and water to slowly run down the length of your hair. Never scrub the ends in a vigorous action.
  • Conditioner must be used every time you wash your hair, only on the mid to ends of your extensions. Then gently comb through the conditioner using a soft brush before rinsing out.
  • Before drying, brush through with the extension brush. This will remove any tangles without pulling on your hair.
  • When allowing your hair to dry naturally, we recommend that you dry the bonds with a hair dryer in order to prevent them remaining wet for an extended period of time, as the bond is at its most vulnerable when wet.
  • Always wash your hair immediately after swimming, time in a sauna, exercising or participating in any activity that may create excess moisture or perspiration in your hair.